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She said Yes!

Marriages, weddings, hafl zawaj, ...
A different word in every language, but the reason is always celebrating love.
At Maison Comme Vous Voulez we know how to celebrate love. 

Celebrate love in the heart of Marrakech

What if you could share your very special day with your family and friends near one of the most magical cities in the world. This is now possible at Maison Comme Vous Voulez. With 6 bedrooms and 12 beds, you can enjoy a stay in the house with your family. Your guests can stay in one of the many hotels in the neighbourhood. The closest hotels are just  a 5 minute ride from the house.

- Adama Resort (website)

- Sirayane (website)

- Selman (website)

Looking for something more romantic?

Your guests are in a more romantic mood? No problem, the old city offers more than a hundred Riads.

The event location

Your 1 acre event location is hidden behind 3 metres walls to optimize your privacy during the event. The entrance is perfect to give your guests a warm welcome they'll never forget. Do you want to enter via the house or more eager to give your loved ones a garden pathway walk? Everything is possible and everything is Comme vous voulez. 

You don't know where to start planning your event? We can advise you with the best wedding professionals in town to assure you'll get the most romantic 1001-nights party you can imagine.

Interested in Maison Comme Vous Voulez as your wedding location?
Get your price estimate here.

You are my today
and all of my tomorrows.

- Leo Christopher